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HP Chemistry DAQA Spring Semester 2017-2018
 Additional resources/information

D: 1/30/17 Spring Semester Week 1

A: new seating charts; new hall passes; start Stoichiometry PPT; Hamburger Stoichiometry; pass out lab for Friday (pre-lab due Thursday)

pHET lab – TRC tomorrow

Q: What is stoichiometry?


HW: definitions on pHet lab paper for tomorrow;

Hamburger Stoichiometry parts 1 & 2 due Wednesday

Bozeman stoichiometry video -excellent!
Energy Videos to watch:  13 min
THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH!!!  The rest are also helpful!

Chemistry:  Crash Course – a whole bunch of excellent videos
Bozeman science entropy
Leidenfrost Effect of H2O.

VIdeo links for gases:

“boiling water at room temperature”

Balloons and marshmallows

Graham’s Law:

Avogadro's Law: Avogadro's Law (14:47 min)

Boyle's Law: Boyle's Law (5:41 min)

Charles' Law: Charles' Law (6:41 min)

Combined Gas Law: Combined Gas Law           (6:48 min)

Ideal Gas Law: Ideal Gas Law Introduction         (6:18 min) 

How to rearrange the ideal gas law to form any of the other laws: Be Lazy! Don't Memorize the Gas Laws! (7:10 min)

Where the ideal gas law constant, R, comes from: Ideal Gas Law: Where did R come from? (3:31 min)


IsaacsTEACH on Solutions, Colloids, Suspensions

TheChemistrySolution's Video on Henry's Law

TheChemistrySolution's Video on Partial Pressure of Gases and Mole Fractions

Another Video on Henry's Law

Brightstorm videos Net ionic equation 9:36

Bozeman science

Molecular, ionic, and net ionic equations  9:38

Bozeman science  

Solubility (goes into Ksp) 7:05

Solubility Rules (Mnemonic Tricks) 2:40

Brightstorm chemistry

Freezing point depression 3:52


Brightstorm videos

Boiling Point Elevation 4:35


Isaacs TEACH has a few GREAT videos about kinetics in my opinion. – potential energy diagrams 6:54 – rate of reaction and rate laws 11:14 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – factors that affect reaction rate 10:38 (continue watching through the accelerated class section!) – reaction mechanisms (and rate limiting step) 4:31
Crash Course Chemistry:  Kinetics: Chemistry's Demolition Derby - 9:57  This also introduces/reviews some equilibrium concepts!

Bozeman Science   The Rate Law 8:43 (Don’t worry about finding slope of curves – beyond what you need to know) – watch this one before the one on the Rate Constant   The rate of Reactions 6:24 (you do NOT need to know anything about Beers Law!)  Enthalpy of Reaction 8:02 Review of Chapter 16 material (calorimetry, Hess’s law)

Brightstorm videos  The Rate Constant 6:52 (a bit more in depth starting about halfway through the video) If you’re going to skip a video, this one would be it! – reaction rates factors 3:04  Reaction rate problems 9:38  Excellent!  Look at primarily the second problem (which is quite involved)
Equilibrium PPT

Make sure to check out the video links embedded in the PPT presentation slides!