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Biology DAQA Spring Semester 2017-2018

Amoeba sisters: Why DNA is as cool as RNA 4:43

Amoeba Sisters: Protein Synthesis and the Lean, Mean Ribosome Machines


PBS DNA Workshop link: (the websites will ask you to download Shockwave. But there is a "paper version" avaiable for practice)

Amoeba Sisters DNA replication


Amoeba sisters Mutations:


(7:55 Amoeba sisters - mitosis)


Bozeman science video on mitosis Phases of mitosis: 10:42  

Mitosis - 13:34   

Mitosis & meiosis simulation- 11:52

Phases of meiosis 8:25

Meiosis  - 9:17

Crash course biology

Mitosis- 10:47

Meiosis -  11:42

The Amoeba Sisters: Plant reproduction in angiosperms 8:04


Plant videos:

Plant Structure (Bozeman science) 13:36

Top 10 Bizarre And Truly Scary Plants You Never Knew Existed 2:00